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Conditioning Tonic

Conditioning Tonic

Product Review (submitted on April 28, 2014):

I have rosacea and this was recommended to me. All I have to say is, know your information about rosacea and what irritates it before you put this on your face! It smells wonderful, but all of the fragrances irritate my sensitive skin including citrus and rose which is a BIG rosacea red flag irritant. Just a week after using this, my skin has been red, tight and rosacea bumps that have been gone for years have all of a sudden returned. I am so upset that this product didn't work well for me but this should not be recommended for people with rosacea.

Response from glo:
Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It is disappointing to hear of any experience that did not meet a customer's expectations. Certain ingredients applied topically and consumed through food can be triggers for clients with rosacea. These trigger ingredients vary and what is a trigger to one person, may not necessarily be a trigger to another. This product's lightweight, milky formula, which gently cleanses while delivering antioxidant ingredients to soothe the skin, is often recommended for and used by individuals with sensitive and rosacea skin with great results.

Rose Hip Seed, according to, works "as a natural anti-inflammatory, it can be effective in formulations intended for acne and rosacea." Generally speaking, high percentages of citrus ingredients, like Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Peel Oil should be avoided. In Conditioning Milk Cleanser and Conditioning Tonic, this is a very small percentage of the overall formulation and is designed to work with other antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients like Grape Seed Extract, Raspberry Seed Oil, Aloe Vera and Honeysuckle Flower Extract to help with environmental protection. The percentage of fragrance in Conditioning Milk Cleanser and Conditioning Tonic is also very low, as we would also recommended that those with sensitive skin avoid highly perfumed products.

Because of their gentleness and protective, anti-inflammatory ingredients, these products are often used by clients with sensitive and rosacea skin both at home and during professional skincare services without issue and with great soothing, redness-reducing results.