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Lip Revival

Lip Revival

Product Review (submitted on March 14, 2013):

This product is ok, but for me not an essential item for my skincare regimen. It has a pleasant smell, goes on smooth and has kept my lips smooth, but I guess a good quality lip balm would have done it for me. Maybe I should have tried the glo Lip Balm instead and saved a bit. I have been so impressed with the other glo products I have purchased from toner, to masks, to serums and various hydration creams (would give them all 5 stars at least), I guess my expectations were a bit too high for this one.

Note from gloProfessional: Thank you for your thoughtful feedback, Lorise! Our glo therapeutics product manager had some great information to share:

The Lip Revival, really is a product that offers benefits both initially as well as over time. When first using the product, you can definitely notice the pleasant scent/taste (peppermint) as well as the smooth, creamy consistency (thanks to shea butter and dimethicone). These features make it a great product that both conditions and acts as a great primer for your other lip products. I can easily see how someone would equate this to any standard lip balm type product... but, what I find most important about Lip Revival is what you'll find over continued use with the product!

Unlike traditional lip balms, Lip Revival is a true lip treatment product containing actives that offer intense hydration as well as a volumizing effect. In addition, it contains a peptide that, (again) over time, will help to stimulate collagen and elastin- leading to smoother, better defined lips. Someone can easily like Lip Revival right away, they are more likely to fall in love with it after using consistently it for 1-3 months and seeing some of the long term benefits.

Hopefully the client will give it a chance to works its magic! Lip Revival is also a great product for night use, that's when the skin goes through its natural repair process. You'll get the most out of Lip Revival's active ingredients and wake up with smooth, soft, hydrated lips.