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Cyto-luxe Eye Cream

Cyto-luxe Eye Cream

Product Review (submitted on December 17, 2012):

I had the full version as well as the sample pack, I switched over to using Glo's Eye Restore for awhile, and one thing that I noticed is that the Cyto-Luxe eye cream definitely keeps my eyes more moisturized! I'm happy for the Cyto-Luxe sample I was sent by Glo that helped me to re-confirm this. :)

I also had problems with the red dots around my eyes like the previous reviewer, right by the tear-duct. For me this is a nighttime occurrence only, it causes a slight tearing to my sensitive eyes when applied, and thus the area of tearing turned red.

I think this is because i sleep on my side and some of the product may get into the eye, as it is a thick rich cream it needs time to soak in.

So I have been using this during the day or a few hours before bed and have eliminated that problem.

I also solved the make-up issue I had before where it was flaking off by using a liquid versus a powder.

Overall very moisturizing and I am satisfied with this product :)