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Protecting Powder

Protecting Powder

Product Review (submitted on November 28, 2012):

This product is great in concept, but falls short in the execution. First the good: powder itself is stellar! I love the Translucent for my fair skin and sunscreen for the same reason. Not cakey. Looks moist and dewy used alone or over other foundation products.

Now the evil, dark side of this is frustration in a bottle. The brush is pure garbage. It even has a foul odor. From the first time to the last, the black brush left hundreds of long black bristles/hairs and minuscule bits of hairs all over my face. It looks like shaving remnants from a hairy beast every time I use it. It is nearly impossible to remove them without wiping off my face! My co-workers were having to tell me I had "an eyelash" on my cheek/nose/chin.

Additionally, there are NO directions on how to best use the product's automatic dispenser. I called the company and was on hold forever while the customer service consultant went to ask. She wasn't sure and thought it just came out when you brushed it on your face, but someone else was going to talk to someone else and at that, I just hung up. She was nice enough, but I don't need to waste time on a phone call.

Now, I unscrew the brush/lid mechanism from the base and use a different brush to apply this. That is when I realized how VERY LITTLE product is in this container. $40 is NOT a good price point for the value.

My suggestion for improvement? First of all, change the Glo review criteria. Value/Price are too closely related to warrant 2 out of 3 buttons on a review. Quality is not explicit enough...product? delivery system? packaging? container?

The POWDER is exquisite, but overpriced. The BRUSH is a waste. Please put this product in a powder jar, like your other products and ditch the inferior brush.

I won't buy this again.

Note from gloProfessional: Thank your sharing your experience, Susan. We've passed your comments along to our Product Development Team. We find that the best way to get the powder flowing through the brush is to tap the powder to the base of the brush then brush the back of the hand until the powder is evenly distributed through the brush before brushing face, decollete etc. We will also reassess review criteria. Again, thank you for your feedback it helps us serve you, our wonderful customers the best we can!