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Oil Control Emulsion

Oil Control Emulsion

Product Review (submitted on September 26, 2012):

This product was a huge disappointment for me. Not only did it do little to nothing for my combination skin, but it broke me out in a horrible combination of cysts and hives. I would warn everyone to purchase this product with caution if you've got sensitive skin. I had the same effect with their Renew Serum. Both products have a VERY similar scent, so I think it may be some sort of fragrance added. Either way, try a patch test out BEFORE you apply all over your face.

***Note from gloProfessional:While it is unfortunate to hear about this experience, we appreciate you taking the time to pass on this feedback. The skin can be incredibly finicky and sometimes it takes trying a few different products or combination of products to find the perfect regimen. Many different internal and external factors (stress level, hormones, time of the year/weather, etc.) effect how our skin responds to things like new products. Oil Control Emulsion, as the name suggests, helps balance oil production and is designed to purify while offering soothing, light hydration. Because your skin seems to fall in the range of a combination skin type versus oily/acneic, it is possible that the product was too oil-controlling and purifying for your skin's needs- which caused a bit of a sensitized reaction.

Products designed to exfoliate the skin, when in a concentrated, active formulation like Renew Serum, can start exfoliating right away. This, essentially, creates a cleansing or "purging" effect in the skin. Some people may experience a slight amount of (or increase in) breakouts due to the removal of debris from the follicles. Typically, this initial "purging" of the follicles can last up to 30 days. Often, we may choose to discontinue using the product after a short period of time if we experience any sort of skin purging, which is an understandable reaction but may result in missing out on the benefits that may have been seen with continue use.

Again, we appreciate your feedback and hope you will remain a glo product user. We have a wide variety of products in all categories designed to work with your skin type while targeting your top skin concerns. We'll send you a follow up email as well so that if you'd like, you can provide additional information regarding what you are looking for. We would be more than happy to further recommend products to meet your needs. Our desire is to be your partner and help you reach your skin care goals!