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Pressed Base

Pressed Base

Product Review (submitted on August 22, 2012):

After 4 months of using this I finally realized it was the cause of my sinus headaches, ear aches, and nausea. It wasn't until I started have respiratory problems that I discovered that maybe my makeup was causing all of my problems. It has been about 4 weeks since I have stopped using it and I still am trying to recover from my symptoms. Things are slowly getting better, but I am nervous that I have done permanent damage. If you think that you have the same problem, google "nanoparticles and mineral makeup". I never checked if glo uses nanoparticles, but I suspect they do. They best thing I have done so far to recover is to do nasal saline rinses with a neti pot. I mix in a probiotic capsule in with the saline.

Note from gloProfessional: gloProfessional does not use nanoparticles in any of our products. We are sorry to hear you've been ill and hope you get better quickly. Please let us know if you have any other questions.