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Volume Infusion Lift Enhancing Shampoo

Volume Infusion Lift Enhancing Shampoo

Product Review (submitted on May 21, 2012):

Sorry, this is long! I'll start by saying I have been an Aveda fanatic for about 10 years now, so take this review of GLO with that in mind. I have very curly hair (think Kramer) that is colored about every 6 weeks. Having naturally curly hair my hair is usually dry and frizzy and very difficult to style. I have been letting my hair grow out (it's about 6" long now) and have been needing to use a deep moisturizing shampoo/conditioner to keep it manageable, however this always makes my hair want to lay flat and look greasy and can't get much lift to have that naturally "wavy" full head of hair. I received this shampoo (and the conditioner) as an add on gift when I had purchased my skin care products. Once I saw it was for volume, I almost tossed it knowing it'd just make my hair look like a Chia Pet. I decided to go ahead and try it and I could tell even in the shower just with the shampoo my hair untangled right away. After using the conditioner and towel drying I did what I always do, brushed it to get the tangles out and there were none! Then I applied my styling gel and couldn't believe how well it was cooperating. It was full, shiny and not frizzy. Finished off with full hold hairspray (I won't mention product name) and went back to check it after 20 minutes. My hair still was full, wavy and healthy looking! I couldn't believe it. I wanted to post this review because it says it's for thin hair BUT I can surely say it works VERY well for me and I am thinking I am going to have to switch my hair care brand. (Psst, I also switched my skin care from Aveda to GLO over a year ago). If someone from GLO would like to hook me up with a bottle of the firm hold hairspray so I can test it against my current brand (the brand that starts with an A and comes in a gray can) I won't be mad, lol


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