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Expert Tips - Mature Skin

Skin changes with age causing the skin to lose elasticity and become dry, especially with the onset of menopause. It is important to use appropriate skincare products and makeup to care for and nurture your skin through these changes.

Makeup should be used to enhance and accent the person you have become. It is not about trying to look younger but about looking healthy, fresh and confident.


Eye Trio

As aging occurs, the skin around the eye gets thinner and fine lines (also known as crow’s feet) become more noticeable. Dark colors, heavy makeup and shimmer will only accentuate these issues. It can also cause eye lids look droopy.

  • Choose light and medium tone shades with a matte texture. They will look softer and flatter the eye.
  • Always start by applying Lid Primer all over they eye to keep eye makeup looking fresh longer.
  • Apply a base color shadow on the eye lid. We recommend:
    • Eye Shadow: bamboo, banana, haze, lilac, sea shell, twinkle, water lily
  • Choose a medium tone color to brush into brow bone. Be sure to blend well. We recommend:
  • To create more depth choose a slightly darker shadow and apply to the outer edge of the eye lid. We recommend:
    • Eye Shadow: dusk, eggplant, fern, mahogany, mink


TIP: Use a bright blush to take attention away from crow's feet.


Fav Eye Pencils

Eye lashes and brows thin with age. It is important to add definition by using the appropriate product. Apply the line as close to the lash line as possible. If the line looks too sharp you can smudge it in by going over the top with an eye shadow and the mini crease brush or eyeliner/brow brush.


Start off with gloFace primer to create a perfectly smooth canvas.

  • Choose moisturizing foundation formulas in the appropriate shade and keep skin hydrated throughout the day with Moist Hydration Mist. We recommend:
  • Use Concealer to cover dark shadows under eyes and around the corners of the nose. Use Camouflage to cover sun spots, hyperpigmentation and excessive redness on the face.
  • To increase your "glo" apply one of our finishing products to the bridge of the nose, cheek bones and inner corner of the eye.

Mature skin can naturally take on a grayish cast. Blush will add the perfect pop of color and a bit of warmth to the skin. Smile and apply to the apples of the cheeks to give the appearance of a healthy, natural glow. We recommend:

  • Cream Blush: fig, guava, plumeria
  • Blush: begonia, hibiscus, lilac silk, papaya, rosebud, sheer petal, spice berry and sweet

**TIP: If more warmth is desired, you can apply Bronze in sunkiss or sunlight to the temples, forehead and down the center of the face.


Over time lips thin out and fine lines appear around the outer edge of the lips. Use Lip Ritual if lips are dry.

  • Use Precision Eye Pencil in peach line around the outer edge of the lips to prevent lip color from feathering.
  • Line lips with the Precision Lip Pencil shade of choice for added definition.
  • Stick to soft tones of pink and brown that naturally enhance the lip. They tend to be more flattering than deep tones. We recommend:
  • Lipstick - bella, nutmeg, pink sugar, primrose, raspberry, rose petal, snapdragon, sugarplum, tulip
  • Gloss - lilac luster, lily, mango, nude, peony, plum glaze
  • Liquid lips - beloved, bougainvillea, flirt, romance
  • Sheer lipstick - aruba, bora bora, fiji, jamaica, tahiti
  • Precision lip pencil - cedar, crushed raspberry, currant, natural, petal, rosewood, sherbet