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Expert Tips - How to Brow

Eyebrows are the frame to your face - no matter what shape yours are in, glominerals brow products can help create an arch-itectural masterpiece!


This all-inclusive collection is everything you
need to create gorgeous, face-flattering
brows in a convenient zippered bag.
Available in blonde, brown or taupe. Kit includes:


4 brow stencils  ::     for perfectly shaped brows
brown powder duo ::      fill in sparse areas
spoolie brush ::     tame unruly brows
brow wax ::     keep things in place
tweezers ::     get rid of strays
highlighter ::     enhance arch of the brow
angled brow brush ::     perfect tool for brow powder

No Arch Create the illusion of a perfect arch with this simple trick: brush brows up and angle out with the spoolie brush, then apply brow highlighter under the outer half of brow. Also, be careful to never overtweeze the tail ends of brows; without them you can't create an arch!
Gaps If your hair doesn't grow in certain spots (or you've overplucked an area), fill it in with brow powder using the brow brush. Be sure your brows are dry and free of moisturizer for an even brow powder application.

Wrong Color

Temporarily change the shade of your brows with brow powder. If they're too fair, try brown; too dark, try taupe or blonde. Don't push down on the brush too hard: color the hair, not your skin.
Too Thin Put down the tweezers for at least a month, and with a gloPrecision brow pencil, draw short, feathery strokes throughout your brow in the same direction as hair growth.
Too Busy Use tweezers and a brow stencil to clean up the shape of your brows by removing hairs that fall outside of the area defined by the stencil. Be sure to pick the right stencil for your brow shape and position it correctly. See our Brow collection guide for tips!