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African American skintones

ethnic skin - African American

expert tips from glo.minerals: ethnic skin

Foundation can look grey if not chosen properly. Avoid shades that are too light. Undertones tend to have different color variances ranging from light to dark, so you may need to blend and mix a range of shades for different areas of the face. People with deeper skin tones tends to be darker across the brow and chin and somewhat lighter on the cheeks. To even this out you may need to apply a lighter foundation on the forehead and chin and a little darker shade on the cheeks. Learn more about finding the right foundation shade.

Concealer can be used under the eye or to lighten up the forehead or chin. Foundation is your all-over color, and is to be used to even out discoloration on the skin. If the skin is medium tone, choose a foundation with a yellow and peach undertone like chestnut and tawny. The tawny range will blend better with the undertones that have more of deep red warmth. Try Pressed Base in the chestnut range when working with undertones that have more of a sallow color to neck and face. This will even out the yellow in the skin. You may also want to blend the chestnut around the perimeter of the face then the tawny on the cheeks and nose area. This will give a beautiful finish with a natural effect. For a very deep skin tone, use a foundation that has a slight blue cast like cocoa.



  • Skip the neutral browns like khakis, taupe, and yellow browns.  They won’t allow the eye color to stand out.
  • Use colors like grey, black, burgundy and plums:

Eye Shadow blue suede

Eye Shadow haze

Eye Shadow Trio amethyst

Cream Eyeliner ebony



Blush & Bronze

  • Try colors that have a deep plum and berry tone.
    • Blush begonia and spice berry
    • Bronze sunkiss and Blush sandalwood make a great contour
    • Use Dust 24K bronze to highlight the skin

Bronze sunkiss

Dust24K bronze



  • Deep colors in browns and reds will look most natural.
  • Lipstick: aubergine, bordeaux, cabaret, siren, snapdragon, sugarplum and vixen
  • Liquid Lips: adore, desire, and sultry
  • Gloss: bronze glo, cherry blossom, poppy and shine
  • Precision Lip Pencil: vino

*Precision Eye Pencils can double as a lip pencils for darker skin tones. Brown and deep plum work especially well

Lipstick aubergine

Liquid Lips adore

Gloss bronze glo