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Expert Tips - Camouflaging

glo.minerals bases can be used to cover anything from acne to scars. When camouflaging the skin, the first thing to consider is what tool (or brush) you are using. You can alter the coverage of a product by using the proper tool!


A few important tips to remember

  • The longer the hair is on the brush, the more sheer product application will be. Below are recommendations on the appropriate brush for applying foundation:
    • ultra brush = medium coverage
    • kabuki brush = full coverage
    • powder brush = sheer coverage
    • blender brush = sheer coverage
  • Always use a brush made out of nylon when applying creams and liquids.
  • For small areas, use just the tip of the brush.
  • For medium coverage, use the side of the brush.
  • For large areas, use the foundation brush.
  • The trick is to apply multiple applications of light coats.

Concealing Acne

glo.minerals makeup easily covers the redness common with breakouts. The makeup will allow the skin to breathe and function normally, plus won't suffocate the skin. glo.minerals will actually help to improve the health and condition of the skin.

  • When covering acne, be sure to utilize the three most important glo.minerals products: Camouflage, Pressed Base, loose or liquid foundation and Matte Finishing Powder.
  • Remember to always hydrate with the Moist Hydration Mist first.
  • Apply the appropriate shade of Camouflage directly to any acne blotches on the skin. Blend in with the camouflage brush.
  • Use either the Pressed Base or Protective Liquid Foundation with a tapping motion. The tapping motion will blend the foundation so you don't see it on the face. Be sure not to rub or it will come off. Apply with the appropriate tool sparingly on the skin. You can always go back and build coverage if you need to.
  • Finish with either Matte Finishing Powder (with a little color) or Perfecting Powder (colorless). Both options provide excellent matte coverage over top your regular foundation. This product can be used throughout the day.
  • Coverz-it Sick is the perfect blemish treatment concealer that will provide coverage and help heal any breakouts during the day. This product comes inlight and medium.


*Tip: Remember to wash your brushes each night so you are not adding any additional bacteria from the brush back to your skin.


Concealing Scars

A scar can add to a person's strong character and express great individuality. However if someone does choose to cover a facial scar remember it is impossible to cover it 100 percent. You can use your normal foundation.

Keloid (or Raised) Scar:
The center of a scar is typically lighter or pinker than the rest of the skin. Use a Camouflage shade that matches your skin tone to darken the center of it. If the coverage is still too sheer use a somewhat darker shade of camouflage. Finish with a Finishing Powder.

Recessed Scar:
Use Face Primer to fill in the scar to make it looks smooth and even. Apply multiple layers of light coats of concealer. Use Finishing Powder to set.


*Tip: Light colors brighten and give the illusion of highlight. Dark colors make things appear deeper.


Color Correction

Color correction is used to tone down the skin that appears red after a chemical peel or when the skin is yellow and blue from bruising.

  • If skin is red or blue, use a warm colored camouflage: Camouflage golden, golden honey or natural.
  • If skin is yellow, brown or green, you will want to brighten the skin by using Camouflage in beige.


*Tip: If there is extensive bruising and the skin has a blue tone, use our Cream Blush in fig underneath the Camouflage. This will act as a primer and cut some of the blue.