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Expert Tips - Achieve an Ethereal Valentine’s Day glo

6 easy steps for an etheral Valentine's Day (or night!) glo...



Love your skin with these glo must-haves

For a beautiful, brilliant glo, start with the glo.therapeutics Brightening Polish followed by the Brightening Serum. This will give your skin a smooth, radiant surface to apply your favorite glotherapeutics moisturizer - a great start your for glo.minerals foundation.

Begin your makeup application with the glo.minerals Sheer Tint. For the best application, use the glo.minerals foundation brush dampened with a spritz of the glo.minerals Moist Hydration Mist.

The glo.minerals Brightener Highlight Concealer will brighten the area around your eyes.

Follow with a light application of the glo.minerals Loose Base with the texture brush.

The glo.minerals Shimmer Brick is a must-have to emphasize your best features, including your cheeks, nose, neck, and even your décolleté (also applied with the texture brush.)

Finish with a generous spritz of the glo.minerals Moist Hydration Mist to set your gorgeous makeup and to create a fresh, dewy finish.

Voila! Loving your face was never this rewarding!