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10 Ways to Combat Dry Winter Skin

Depending on where you reside, the winter months can require increased heat at home and everywhere else you go. Unfortunately, that heat is a major cause for dry skin! For some people, dry skin means flaking, cracking, and even eczema (in which the skin becomes inflamed).

Sound familiar? Check out glo's 10 tips for improving your skin care regimen, to help maintain moist and healthy skin throughout the winter months.



1. Boost Hydration with Skin Serums.

You may have a moisturizer that works for spring and summer, but as the weather changes, so should your skin care routine.

Try a hydration-boosting serum from glo therapeutics. Pure Hydration  is perfect to wear under your favorite moisturizer day and night.





2. Sport Your Sunscreen Daily.

Sunscreen is not just for summertime. Combine winter sun with snow glare and the skin damage could be drastic.

Apply glo.therapeutics Oil Free SPF 40+ daily under your makeup. About 30 minutes before going outside, apply it to your hands as well if they're exposed. Reapply frequently if you will be outside for a long period of time.





3. Seek help from the pros.

If you go to your local drugstore or department store, you'll be hard-pressed to find a salesperson who can offer adequate advice. That's why going to an esthetician or dermatologist even once is a good investment. Such a specialist can analyze your skin type, troubleshoot your current skin care regimen, and give you advice on the skin care products you should be using. Call us for a list of spas or dermatologists who use our skincare and makeup products in your area! 800-903-4321.



4. Hydrate While You Lather.

Hydrating your body is helpful in the winter months, but is necessary in the anti-aging process year-round! Replace your old body soap with glominerals body wash. This delicate blend of essential oils and shea butter cleanses AND hydrates the skin.



5. Butter your Body

Lock moisture into your skin daily with glo.minerals Body Butter in honey sugar butter. Not only does this luxe body lotion feel and smell wonderful, it is also full of natural extracts and moisturizing agents formulated to deliver superior nourishment and emollients to the skin to protect and hydrate. Apply all over every day after a shower - great for hand cream too!



6. Simulate Humidity

We already covered the fact that your central heating system, as well as space heaters, blast hot dry air. Humidifiers get moisture into the air and help prevent dry skin. Place a couple throughout your space for an even distribution of humidity. Your skin will be so happy!


7. Treat your feet

Although created for the skin on your face, the glo therapeutics Barrier Balm is a god-send for your dry, cracking feet (this applies year round).

Apply a pea-size amount to feet before bed, throw on some socks and wake up to soft, smooth tootsies. If you share a bed with someone – believe us, he or she will appreciate it! (Try the Barrier Balm on your face after a long day on the slopes - you'll love it!)


8. Baby your face

If your facial skin is uncomfortably dry, avoid harsh peels, masks, and alcohol-based toners or astringents, all of which can strip vital oil from your skin. Instead, try the glo therapeutics Conditioning Milk Cleanser and Conditioning Tonic, followed by Restorative Cream.

Use masks that are deeply hydrating, rather than clay-based which tend to draw moisture out of the face. The glo therapeutics Restorative Mask can be worn up to 7 nights a week, all night long for maximum hydration and restoration.


9. Makeup for lost hydration

Yes, your makeup could be drying out your skin if you are not wearing mineral makeup! Did you know that it's actually healthier for your skin to wear mineral makeup than to wear no makeup at all? glo.minerals contains vitamins and minerals that help balance hydration in the skin.

Our foundations also allow your pores to breathe and offer extra sun protection. Available in 4 foundation options; pressed powder, loose powder, sheer tint liquid and regular liquid (available in matte or satin finish), and a large variety of color tones. glo.minerals is beautifully natural and easy to use!


10. Lip Tips

Chapped? Yeah, we thought so...your lips don't have oil glands, so they dry out very easily. So, here are some tips – for your lips!

  • Don't lick – wetting your lips consistently causes them be cyclically wet, then dry and that's why they get chapped.
  • Cover Up – On cold and windy days, protect your lips behind a scarf.
  • Lip Balm – Exposure to the sun can make already chapped lips even worse, so plan ahead and always carry a lip balm with an SPF of at least 15 or more. Try the glo.minerals Mint Balm SPF 15. Soft and minty and big so you don't lose it as easily!