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glo therapeutics FAQ

Where can I purchase glo therapeutics products?

glo therapeutics is a professional skincare system developed for licensed professionals and their clients. The product line can be found in salons, spas and physician offices. Please call 800.232.0398 to find a location near you.


Why is Vitamin C important?

As humans, we are one of the few species of animals that cannot produce our own Vitamin C. Even with a healthy diet and lifestyle, the skin does not receive much of the Vitamin C that you ingest. Therefore, the best way to ensure your skin is receiving the optimal amount of Vitamin C is to apply it topically. Vitamin C is essential for the building of collagen in the skin, is one of the best natural antioxidants and is an excellent brightener. The form of Vitamin C used by glo therapeutics, water-based L-Ascorbic Acid, has been clinically-proven to penetrate into skin cells where it works to protect, repair and reverse damage.


What exoliants/products can I use during pregnancy or breast feeding?

During pregnancy, a client may experience increased sensitization, in addition to other conditions. Because of this, as a general rule, we recommend avoiding the use of hydroxy acids (specifically Salicylic Acid) as well as any strong exfoliation and/or resurfacing products/ingredients, such as: Vitamin A and its derivatives and lightening ingredients (Hydroquinone, etc.). Physical (scrub) exfoliants are recommended because they do not penetrate beyond the superficial layers of the epidermis. In addition, it is always recommended that the client consult with a physician for additional recommendations and restrictions.


How are glo therapeutics products different/unique?

Utilizing innovative technology and cutting edge science, our formulations are created with potent concentrations of active ingredients to clinically transform the skin. Our professional treatments include facials and chemical exfoliants developed to rejuvenate and refine skin tone and texture.

  • Free of parabens
  • High concentration of actives
  • Innovative ingredients


What does “Chirally Correct” mean and why is it important?

A molecule is considered chiral if it differs from its mirror image. For example, hold out your hands in front of you. Notice that they are mirror images of each other. If you place your right hand on top of your left hand, you can demonstrate this difference. None of the features of your hands will line up when stacked on top of each other. This means your hands are chiral. Certain ingredients in glo therapeutics products are lab produced and will be made of 2 forms: Left (L for levo) and Right (D for dextro). These ingredients are mirror images of each other, not exact duplicates. One side of the ingredient is more useful and beneficial to the skin, while the other side is useless. glo therapeutics only uses the purest, highest quality form, making the products superior in the results.



Do you perform testing on animals?

We do not test any glo therapeutics products on animals. In addition, we strive to ensure no raw ingredients are tested on animals.


Are your products safe if I have rosacea?

Many products within the glo therapeutics line can be used on clients with rosacea both in the treatment room and for homecare. It is recommended that a client always consult with their physician prior to beginning a new regimen.


Are glo therapeutics products natural?

While glo therapeutics uses many natural ingredients, we also combine cutting edge science, creating active, resultsoriented products that truly deliver the best of both worlds. Therefore, we do not promote the line as solely “natural.” Please keep in mind that the term “natural” is loosely used in the skincare industry, and there is no regulating body that monitors the use of it and, therefore, any product line can call their products “natural” without having to validate the term or provide proof/meeting of a certain standard.


How long should my moisturizer last?

This is really a two part question. First, most glo therapeutics moisturizers have a shelf-life of up to 24 months after opening; this is indicated by the Period After Opening (PAO) symbol located on the component that states “12M or “24M” inside an open jar graphic. It is a best practice to use the products within one year’s time for maximum efficacy. Most products used on a daily basis should last approximately 3-6 months. If your moisturizer comes in a jar, try using a spatula to extend its life, you’ll use less product and help to prevent bacteria growth!


If I am oily do I need to wear a moisturizer?

The type of skin that you have is determined by the amount of oil you produce. Dry skin has a lack of oil (or sebum), while oily skin has an overabundance. Regardless of the type of skin you have, it is important to keep it moisturized. Moisturizing the skin has more to do with hydration and water content versus oil. The good news is that glo therapeutics offers a large spectrum of moisturizers from lightweight, oil free products to rich, emollient options. For someone with oily skin, there are even moisturizers that help to control oil production, like glo therapeutics Oil Control Emulsion. So the perfect moisturizer can be found for anyone.  


If I am using a moisturizer do I need to use a serum?

Serums are the most important part of any skincare regimen. With a higher concentration of active ingredients and a smaller molecular size, serums are meant to work on specific issues/concerns and make dramatic change in the skin.


Why is my moisturizer “balling up”?

There are a number of reasons that a moisturizer could feel like it is “balling” or “rolling” on the skin. The number one reason is typically just an overuse of product. Using too much product, in conjunction with other skincare products or makeup, can just be a bit too much on the skin. Another common reason would be using a moisturizer that is too thick or occlusive for that particular person’s skin type. Switching to a lighter weight version may be the answer to “balling” or “rolling” product. Also, allow a product time to absorb before applying the next product or makeup. When applying multiple layers of product(s) it’s a good idea to wait a few minutes between applications to let the product better absorb.


What is glycation and what products do we recommend?

Glycation is the process by which sugar molecules attach to proteins such as collagen. The fibers stick together becoming brittle, less elastic and more prone to tear or crack. This “cross linked” collagen contributes to wrinkles in the skin. The ingredient carnosine is a dipeptide that stimulates healing and collagen synthesis. It is also effective in protecting the skin from glycation. Carnosine is one ingredient in the glo complex, which is found in the majority of glo therapeutics products. Some product examples are: Eye Restore, Cyto-luxe Eye Cream, Peptide + Defense, Conditioning Hydration Cream and Oil Control Emulsion.


Can tonic be sprayed directly onto skin rather than using a cotton round?

It is not the optimal application recommendation, as the tonic (and component) is designed to be distributed onto a cotton round and then applied to a skin. This is due to the level of active ingredients and, specifically, avoiding them getting in the eyes. A similar type spray-on product is glo therapeutics Refreshing Mist.


Why is it necessary to wait 30 minutes before applying a moisturizer after using some serums?

Certain active ingredients, such as Retinol, would be diluted and the absorption rate would be diminished if a moisturizer was applied too quickly after serum application.


Why is there no pH for some formulations?

pH stands for potential of hydrogen, meaning that it contains water. Some formulas do not contain water and therefore have no pH.


What is the recovery time post chemical exfoliation treatment?

This depends on skin type, level of sensitivity, depth of peel and type of exfoliant used. It can range anywhere from 7-14 days from the time of treatment for skin to recover. Professionals, please refer to the “Recommended Exfoliants” chart, column “Total Days of Rejuvenation” in the glo therapeutics Knowledge Manual for additional information.


If my client did not experience skin sloughing after a peel, was the treatment effective?

Yes. When a light chemical exfoliation treatment is performed you may or may not experience skin sloughing. There are many variables that will contribute to the skin’s response. If the client does not peel, the treatment is still effective. The use of homecare products, different prepping methods and treatment options will affect the outcome. Everyone responds differently to the acids and each acid has different properties. Try changing the chemical exfoliant to get a different response from the skin. The skin can become resilient to the chemical exfoliants, so it may be necessary to “outsmart” the skin by changing the treatment. There may be some clients who do not want to peel in which case you want to offer the option of a refreshing treatment without the downtime. Some clients will prefer progressive treatments versus aggressive treatments.


Can I order online?

Yes, to activate wholesale pricing, please email us at customerservice@gloprofessional.com or call (800) 232-0398. Our Customer Service team will create a web account for you. Once this has been created, you will receive an email (to the email address associated with your account) with your password.