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Before & After: Life of a Peel - Step 2

Patient: Post Peel

This set of photographs was taken immediately post peel. The patient had been prepped at home for two weeks using Retinol CS – a 3% retinol product from glo.therapeutics. She was cleansed and degreased using glotherapeutics Peel Prep. An additional prep using Enzyme was used also. Two layers of glo.therapeutics TCA 15% were applied to the entire face with an interval of 5 minutes. An additional layer of the TCA was added over the cheek area where there was the most hyper pigmentation. The first photo shows erythema and some noticeable frosting in small patches. The second image shows the temporary increase in redness. In both the second and third photo, the areas where the skin has frosted is evident.

Patient: Post Peel


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