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Before & After - Melasma / Hyperpigmentation

Camouflaging the darker areas of skin and creating an even skin tone are the primary goals for this makeup application. This condition requires first to even out the complexion with a combination of Concealer and Camouflage applications. Apply the golden Camouflage using a stippling stroke with the Camouflage Brush to hide the hyperpigmented areas of skin. The next objective in evening out skin tone is to conceal under eye circles, using Concealer, also in the golden shade.

Tip: always feather concealer and camouflage applications at the edges to avoid creating a line of demarcation where the application begins and ends. To conceal small imperfections, try using the Precision Camouflage Brush. Next, apply the honey-light Pressed Base, utilizing the finishing sponge and pressing the makeup into the skin. Layer as needed.

BEFORE: No Makeup - Clean Skin

AFTER: Color Match & Camouflage

hyperpigmentation: before hyperpigmentation: before

Complete Color Application

hyperpigmentation: before