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Dermatology Associates out of San Antonio, TX, recently tried and reviewed products in our new glotherapeutics Vitamin C and Moisturizers collections. Here is what Sylvia and the rest of the dermatology practice thought after one week of use:

"We are in love with this new line."

"I have very sensitive, rosacea-prone skin. Using the Ultra 15% Vitamin C there was no stinging or irritation, which is usually the case anytime I use Vitamin C serums. I also felt an immediate tightening of my skin after applying the Ultra 15%.

I paired the Ultra 15% with the B5 Hydration. It is fantastic! I saw almost immediate improvement in my fine lines and my skin just looked smoother overall. In addition to having rosacea-prone skin, it is also on the oily side, and this product really helped to mattify and equalize the oil content in my skin. I love that it is unscented as well.

As an aesthetician, I've also noticed that, unlike other Vitamin C serums, the glotherapeutics Vitamin C products are not turning my hands yellow. I'm sure other aestheticians who come in contact with product as much as I do will appreciate this. Overall, this new line tops any other Vitamin C products we have ever tried. We are in love with this new line."

--Sylvia Babbitt, Dermatology Associates http://www.dermsa.com


We recently asked our loyal glotherapeutics Facebook fans what their favorite glotherapeutics product was, and everyone who responded was entered in a drawing to win a gloSuper Serum - here are our winners and what they had to say!

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I love all the products from the line, but gloClear Complexion Pads are my fave. Keep my skin in check. My skin feels clean, refreshed and they really help to reduce the blemishes, redness and keeps the blackheads under control. I'm 40 and have used almost every product under the sun. I'm sold on Glo Therapeutics!!
My favorite product is gloCalming Seaweed Mask because I've finally discovered a facial mask for my sensitive skin. I didn't get any negative reaction to it and it makes my skin feel smooth and clean afterward.
My favorite product is thePeptide+Defense, because not only is it a super charged anti-aging product, but it helps to keep my extremely dry skin moisturized and hydrated longer under my moisturizer!
My absolute favorite product is thegloPumpkin Enzyme Scrub. It's amazingly effective, it always makes my pores appear smaller, fine lines smoother and skin softer. Plus the scent always takes me back to the holidays spending time with my great grandparents. I love it!!!!!!