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Before & After - Port Wine Stain

"I have used every coverage product known to man and I was skeptical about glo.minerals to start with because I couldn't believe they would give me the coverage I needed, but I have been so impressed with how well they camouflage the stain. I have had laser treatments with the Candela VBeam, which is used on children's birthmarks, that has helped lessen the stain, and the great thing with the glo.minerals' make-up is that it can be applied straight after a treatment such as a skin peel, laser procedure or even injectables."
- Mary White, Outline Skincare
As written for Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics Guide


BEFORE: No Makeup - Clean Skin

AFTER: Camouflage & Concealer


Expert opinion: Mary explains how to camouflage

"The make-up is applied just as a normal department store make-up range but I also use it to cover the large port wine stain on my face, broken thread veins on my cheeks and under the eyes.

Firstly, I use the Camouflage Brush to apply the Golden Honey Camouflage and Concealer; the Camouflage is used to cover the stain and then I use the Concealer to blend the edges in. I then allow it to settle for a few minutes before applying the pressed base powder with the Ultra Brush.

I swirl the brush through the powder and apply in a circular buffing motion and work it in. The secret is to work it in thoroughly and to build up the layers. Then you can just use the eye, blusher or lip products from the range on top.

The coverage is great and you don't need a lot to achieve a fantastic camouflage. I have used medical make-up ranges in the past and they seem false and unnatural and you have to apply it so thickly that you look and feel as if you're wearing a mask. glo products look natural and let the skin breathe.

The Moist Hydration Mist is also a great product; you spray it on during the day and it revitalises the minerals so you don't need to reapply your make-up."